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I’ve been crocheting since 1970.  I was taught to knit in 1972, by my grandmother, but only knew how to cast on for a few short months and only knit slippers from the pattern she taught me a few times.  I mastered that crocheting, and became bored with it.  Several years later (like 25!!) I decided that I needed to challenge myself once again, and picked up a booklet at Walmart with “new knitter” patterns and instructions.

Mind you, there was yet another reason I wanted to knit again.  I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and I was taking 6 hour round trips to Phoenix AZ, from my home in Kingman to see a specialist, or specialists several times a month.  My poor hubby took time off of work for nearly every trip to drive me, as I was on so much strong medication for the pain, that I would fall asleep without warning.  This was not a good thing for driving long distances, not to mention all the times I fell asleep eating!!  My kids had a ball teasing me about that!  At any rate, I had a nasty habit of “passenger seat driving” and I didn’t want to jeopardize the happiness of my marriage and my husband with satellite navigation from my position in the truck, so I began knitting again.  If you have this problem – I highly suggest you get some needles and a ball of yarn, focus on what you’re doing and not the road.  It really works!

I began posting pictures of my projects on my personal Facebook page, giving them as gifts, and wearing them about town.  I didn’t mean to start a business.  It started me!!  Soon people began asking me to make them this or that, gifts for their family and friends and the next thing I knew I was working with deadlines!  I opened an Etsy shop, and took orders for custom knit/crochet items.

I am someone who must continually challenge myself.  So, when I felt confident with the basics, I endeavored to master new techniques with every project.  As I became more familiar with each new skill, I added a new one to my repertoire.  When I became comfortable with most pattern instructions and felt like I was good at what I’d learned, I expanded my Fiber Horizons with a quick lesson on a drop spindle.

I then bought a spinning wheel, when my husband died in a tragic motorcycle accident in 2008.  It was like I was born to spin.  I later had to sell the wheel (details in another post) to survive.  I took a hiatus, let my shop go, and my entire life fell apart for a bit.   But I’m back, with a whole new outlook and renewed enthusiasm.  Get ready world – everyone needs a little Indulgence in their lives!


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