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Around my birthday that November 2008… (my first alone incidentally) I started a friendship with a fellow singer that I had met at the KJ’s wedding a few months prior.  He was going “through hell” with his five children’s mother, who made numerous attempts to kill herself, one being the night of the wedding – where she sat down in the middle of the highway across from the house where the wedding was held, in front of a truck.  She was taken to the ER that night, and I offered to give her boyfriend (who at the time I had just met) a ride to the hospital.  He declined, and I stayed to help clean up after the reception.

As my birthday approached, the relationship with “Fast Eddie” (his Karaoke handle) was evolving, and he was now a single father of five.  I gave them rides to town, doctor appointments and the like… until one night after Karaoke, Eddie kissed me.  Things progressed, and being the unwilling recipient of both widowhood, and empty nest syndrome all in the same year, I was glad to have something besides the negative stuff to focus on.  I could make a difference in these little lives, and the life of their father, sometimes even impacting their mother with my wisdom.  He asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve, and we held off until March.  It was a whirlwind, and he said all the right things, did all the right things to make me forget what I was doing working on myself, and my problems.

My kids wanted nothing to do with this idea, and couldn’t see what possible good outcome could arise out of this decision.  They tried to talk sense to me, but I took it as jealousy, as thinking I wanted to replace them, and I rebelled.  They eventually gave me an ultimatum that only further drove me away from my entire family… exactly what “Fast Eddie” wanted – me isolated.  Within a few weeks after the wedding, everything deteriorated… all of the facade he had held escaped him.  He was actively using drugs, lying (and accusing me of lying for no reason), cheating, emotionally trying to completely destroy me… spending all of my money on what I later found was a list of things he intended to acquire on my dime, before he either had me locked in a mental facility, or killed me himself.

I spent thousands of dollars on those kids – who didn’t even know they should bathe everyday, or how to dress themselves properly, or clean their own rooms, never had a bedtime story, or bubble bath – they needed to know what it was like to have more than one pair of functioning shoes at a time.  I saw indications that their father was abusing them, as well as the neglect that would have occurred had it not been for me taking 100% responsibility for this family… and their mother, well, lets just say that she is completely devoid of a mother’s instinct, and these are just the most recent 5 kids she’s given up.  There are 2 more, that have never lived with her more than 6 months.  About September of 09, I was pretty certain that I was being used… I was definitely tired of the lying about the drugs, the other girls, etc, and I was trying to hang on to what was left of my savings… when money started disappearing from the bank, and he was telling me I was forgetting things… telling me he thought maybe I had Multiple Personality Disorder – anything to destroy my assuredness in myself.  Started being very verbally abusive and scaring me.  One night, I almost killed myself.  Won’t go into details now, but suffice it to say I am alive… and I understand the dilemma that the kids mom faced.

January 2010, I lost my house to foreclosure, and had to find a rental.  It was the very last dime of the life insurance settlement.  After I finished unpacking (did I mention Eddie was also a hypochondriac?  15 trips to the hospital between 11/08 and 1/10) everything (this was making me a real bitch – by the way – and during all of this I tossed a undercounter microwave 50 feet!!  Those suckers are heavy) he surfaced from his dark bedroom where he laid for a week, and shit hit the fan.  Of course it did, my bank accounts were empty, and he could drain no more out of me (or so I thought).  He started a knock-down drag out fight – all verbal – until he spit on me.  I slapped him as hard as I could – and he accused me of punching him! (huh – if I punched you, you would still be on the ground asshole)  Police came, and made him and the kids leave… oh yes, all in front of the kids – and I tried to prevent this for a year.

I quickly packed their belongings over the next 3 days, and put them all in one room of the house.  I ended up having to deliver most of them myself, just to get them out of my house… over the next few weeks.  I realized that Ed had a key to the Durango (I had traded my brand new Corolla for to haul the family) and I might wakeup one morning to an empty driveway, so I traded it fast for a 4×4 Toyota Pickup with a V6 Chevy engine in it.  It only had 5K on the new engine, so I thought it was a good trade.  It was a good trade, only because today I still have a vehicle and that would not have been the case had I not done it right then… as days later Ed was calling me a bitch for trading HIS Durango for a piece of shit.

I had a date, in February up in Eugene, miles away with a dude I had met on the internet.  It was a nice meal, a nice guy.. and my fricking truck did not start.  It took me 3 days to realize it would take me at least 3 more to have the part, so I got a ride back to my house.  When I opened the door, something was wrong.  It took me a few minutes to realize that my late husband’s entire blown glass collection, and all of my medical crop was gone.  I didn’t report it.  I know what happened.. landlord and neighbor were both aware of my being stuck away, as I had landlord feed the animals for me.  Eddie either sent someone, or came and took it all.

I started packing my own belongings to go to storage, had them (most important and most valuable) staged in the kitchen.  I grabbed a few changes of clothes, and what belongings would fit, and headed back to Eugene to complete the repairs… I was there a day or two and called my late husbands friends to tell them I felt things weren’t safe there and they should go and get the welder’s I had given to my son, of his dads.  I got a frantic call that Ed was there, with his kids and their mom, and they were throwing my shit out in the rain.  I rented a Uhaul…. and showed up with lots of “help” to move.  I don’t know why there was nothing I could legally do other than file for my property rights in divorce. But that’s what the landlord and the cops said.  When I pulled up… Eddie was wearing the sunglasses my husband had died in on his head!!!  My closet was empty, artwork from my imprisoned brother  -framed and matted -GONE, the list goes on, but basically he had been there for 2 or 3 days moving all my shit somewhere, and when I got there most of it was literally vanished – MY CLOSET WAS EVEN EMPTY!!!  He said he thought I took it.  Bullshit….. this was all part of the original plan, I later found out.

I found out through “friends” who “didn’t want to start anything, or get involved” that not only was a “Fast Eddie” a con-job, but – this Fast Eddie – had even shared with a few people he thought were his friends, that he was going to “get what he could” from me.  Even told a girl who ended up becoming a real friend to me, that he liked her, and to “let me see how far I can take this bitch, and I’ll come back for you after I get her money”.  I was a fool, a grieving widowed fool, who just could not face her own fears of being all alone, or having to develop a personality autonomous, and not a wife of someone, that I stuck my head so far up my ass I couldn’t even see, much less breathe, and it almost killed me more than once.

So, now I need a divorce.  By November.


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