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July 26th –Last week of the raffle, and I am so humbled by this experience. 

Fund has reached $200!!

I must say I’m getting pretty excited about finding out the winning numbers, packing up and mailing out prizes.  I hope everyone that wins is gets one of their top 3 choices for a prize!!

On the bright side… I’m getting all my belongings sorted through, and am quite close to getting the yard sale underway. Lots of cleaning and organizing has gotten done.

I have contacted a Modest Means Attorney, who thinks we may be able to do this with very few $80 Lawyer Hours, and a small consultation fee of $35. I will still need to come up with the filing fee ($400) but we are getting there, and I am encouraged by all of you who have donated, participated, and been supportive in so many ways! I appreciated every kind word, message, and phone call as well. I really do know some wonderful, supportive people – and some of you are supportive even though you don’t know me and that restores my faith in humanity somewhat,.


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