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The first thing I want to do with this post is say thank you!!  Thank all of you who participated, donated prizes, and helped me destash yarn for helping me get to a place financially where I can at least see a Modest Means Attorney, and ask the judge to defer the filing fee (let me pay on a payment plan).  I will never forget the kindness of those of you who generously gave of yourselves.  It will not go unrewarded by the universe!!

Without further ado I put everyone’s name on a spreadsheet when they sent in their gift, assigning numbers in order as the donations came in.  Some people gave more and therefore had more odds of winning more than one prize.  Then I took the total number of participants, plugged it into Random.Org and kept letting it give me numbers… throwing out the duplicates… thereby giving me the winners associated with those numbers below:


#1 – Krysta

#2 – Kathleenspins

#3  – Krysta

#4 – Fiberjewels

#5 – Linda

#6 – MonkeyButtons

#7 –  Kathleenspins

#8 – Kathleenspin

#9 – Emcbets

#10 – FiberJewels

#11 – Cyn557

#12 – Emcbets

#13 – Emcbets

#14 – Linda

#15 – Cyn557

#16 -Quinn

Ok….. now the prize picking goes like this… #1 winner gets first choice and so on.   Since I previously asked you all to send me your first three wishes…. I have prizes assigned to the first 5 winners.  MonkeyButtons – I’m sending you an email to get your choices… and you need to respond in the next couple of days, or you will lose your ability to get one of your first choices.  I will contact those of you who  need to choose beyond your first three after that.  As I said in the original post — I will have these prizes sent out by the 15th.. as long as I receive all the information I need to do so by then.

Again – thank you all so much, and I hope you enjoy your prizes!!



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2 responses to “Winners!!!

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  1. Very exciting! Looking forward to my surprise prize 🙂 Thanks, and best of luck to you!

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to help – and GOOD LUCK with your divorce and remaking your life to suit you. We’ve all been in bad places (at least I have) and I’m happy to pay forward the love and support I received when I needed it.

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