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“WOW”.  Amazing how many times that word has left my lips in the last week!! I am so excited and grateful for all the universe is sending my way these days!  Who would have thought that a deteriorating relationship resulting in my relocation would bring me so much clarity and deliver so many new tools to apply into my journey?

I am learning to rejoice in what may appear to be a snag, and keep an attitude of gratitude no matter what the situation may seem to be.  Rejoice over having a broken down truck on the way to look at a new room-mate situation?  C’mon really?  Who does that?  I do.  Because of a disabled vehicle, so many opportunities have revealed themselves to me.  I found a room, an avenue to work on a wonderful child empowerment project, gained a life coach and accountability partner, and am a part of a dynamic, talented family!  Gratitude at this level of intensity has no nomenclature.. it just is.  So be it!


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